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Buzz rocks – Crew Member

Join us and you’ll become part of a crew, or a team, that works together to provide the best quick service, family restaurant experience – by far. If you’ve visited OUR PREMISES before, you’ve probably got some idea of what’s involved in working here. But you might not realise the variety and scope of the role. We want every buzz rock s customer to have a brilliant experience, every time they visit. That means hot food in a clean and friendly restaurant. As a Crew Member, you’ll make it happen, whether you’re preparing food, serving on the till or being out in the dining areas looking after our customers’ needs.

Position Requirements:
Quite simply, you’ll be working in our fast moving, high energy environment and we’re looking for a genuine smile plus an ability to connect with customers and make them feel valued.

Position Attributes:
To join us as a Crew Member you’ll need to be confident in approaching and dealing with diverse groups of people. Friendly, courteous and helpful behaviour will come naturally to you and you’ll work well as part of a team. Effective communication skills such as attentive listening, face-to-face verbal communication and eye contact are a must. You’ll also need to understand the importance of maintaining high standards of quality and service as well as cleanliness. The ability to maintain high energy levels whilst working both efficiently and productively is essential.

Finally, your appearance should be smart and clean. Clean Shaven


Crew Member responsibilities

Maintain quick service, especially during busy times

Take orders from customers and input their selections into the restaurant’s computer systems

Assemble orders on trays or in bags depending on the type of order

Process large orders for events

Count down your till at the end of each shift and deposit money to Buzzrocks.

Clean your station thoroughly before, during and after each shift

Respond to guest questions, concerns and complaints and make sure they leave satisfied

Follow all restaurant safety and security procedures entering all information into Safe food Book.

Arrive on 15 minutes before all shifts and stay until shift completion

Take responsibility to work in the back and front, being able to serve from the back as well as front operating fryers and other kitchen appliances.

Cleaning all areas.

Preparing Food dishes.

Restocking fridges / stock control

Handling cash.

Ability to be fast and follow procedures from Management

Capable of lifting 25 lbs.

Strong communication skills

To be flexible in movement and cover all task duties as directed by management


If interested in the role please email Or Email


Closes: 28/02/2022


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